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A radiant smile


Invisalign treatment

Find your smile with Invisalign at the ALCR Dental Center. Start with a 30-minute consultation with our dentist in Ville Saint-Laurent to find out if Invisalign transparent aligners are right for you. 


A discreet alternative

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to have
Exposed metal "pins". With modern technologies, it is now possible to undergo a much more discreet treatment.

Invisalign aligners align your smile provide many benefits:

  • No wires, no discomfort

  • Treatment for adolescents and adults

  • Discreet and removable aligners adapting to every lifestyle

  • Fewer appointments

  • Financing options  available


The advantages of Invisalign 

Digital imaging 

Our technology lets you visualize what your new smile might look like.  

Personalized treatment

Your treatment plan will be personalized to give you the smile of your dreams.

Fewer appointments

With the Invisalign treatment, you will spend much less time in our dental clinic.

Welcome new patients

Are you looking for a dentist in Ville Saint-Laurent, Bois-Franc, Montreal or the surrounding areas? We are happy to welcome new patients to our clinic. Contact us to make your first appointment today.

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